Jim Minor has returned from Guapiles where Denver/Lake Norman Rotary donated 90 pairs of shoes.  Jim reports that:
  • The shoe donation and distribution was hugely successful and VERY warmly received by the Pastor of the Iglesia Metodista en Guaplies, his Family and all of parishioners and their families.
  • This experience was exceptionally rewarding, despite the exorbitant baggage fees that American Airlines charged us for having three bags over our allotted number for the international flight [all three duffel bags full of donated shoes].
  • The building mission Team's major accomplishment this year was the COMPLETION of the Pastor's Family Parsonage, after 3 years of work; they moved in on Sunday, Feb 12, and were ECSTATIC, after living for about 5 years in what most of us would consider 'squalid' conditions
  • Climate conditions on the Caribbean coast were truer rainforest-like, with both daytime temps and humidity levels at or above 90.  I came home 5 pounds lighter, due I'm sure to a combination of the work conditions, "dietary changes", and the infection I acquired while in country.
Photos are being collated and will be offered as a presentation for the Club at a future date.