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Stop Hunger Now


stophungernowStop Hunger Now is a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the problem of world hunger head-on. Today, 25,000 people in the world die daily from hunger related causes. 15,000 of those are children.

Our Rotary District, which covers western North Carolina, has resolved to pay for and prepare one million meals to be sent to Haiti. Haiti is the least developed country in the Americas. 76% of all Haitans live below the poverty level, and 55% live on less than $1 per day.

Our part in this, in conjunction with the eight other clubs in Lincoln and Catawba counties, is to pay for and prepare 200,000 meals.

We will raise awareness of this effort in our community, and together will raise $52,500 to pay for the meals.Then, on 3/27/10, we will gather together and prepare the meals and ready them for shipment to Haiti.

The meals will be given to children who attend schools in Haiti, achieving two important goals. One is obviously the alleviation of hunger. Second is the encouragement for children to attend school. Teachers there report that it is remarkable how students learn much more effectively when they have full tummies.

Our local needy citizens are not forgotten in this Haiti program. The volunteers attending the preparation event on 3/27/10 will be urged to bring non-perishable food items for our local emergency food pantries.

A gift of $100 pays for 400 meals.

25 people can pack in 2 hours enough food to feed 32 children for 7 months.

200,000 meals may be just the start.