COVID-19 ALERT: Denver/Lake Norman Rotary has resumed meeting with breakfast at Unity Presbyterian Church in Denver.
President's Message
Ellen Fichtelman
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Hello Rotarians! 
I am looking forward to seeing you all Wednesday morning for breakfast!
Looking ahead, there will be a board meeting Friday April 8th on zoom. For those who would like to attend please let myself or Craig know and we will forward the link. I would love to have you there! We also have a spring social in the works, so mark your calendars for Sunday May 1st.
Denver/Lake Norman Rotary Welcomes Guest Speaker Tom Dyson, Director Lincoln County Coop Extension Service
By Steve Baker

Don’t step on me, I’m important!

There was a BUZZ in the air last Wednesday, March 22, 2022 at the Denver Lake Norman Rotary Meeting. The Club welcomed as its guest speaker Tom Dyson, Lincoln County Director for the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service. Tom began his role in Lincoln County in August 2014. He received his Bachelor of Science and Master’s degrees in horticulture from Virginia Tech and his Master’s degree in Intercultural Studies from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary at Wake Forest. He spent time as an agriculture consultant and educator with the International Service Corps in Merida, Venezuela. Tom also founded, coordinated, and taught at ENTRA Missions School in Oaxaca, Mexico. While in Mexico, he served as the interim director of the Baptist Theological Seminary, as well as acting as a seminary professor.

In his talk, Tom spoke about honey bees. The honey bee is a pollinator. Pollination is the process by which plants can reproduce and create seeds and honey bees are responsible for millions of dollars in crop yield every year. If it were not for the pollination from honey bees there would be no tree fruits, garden vegetables, bananas, berries, and many other foods that we eat.

Honey bees live in colonies called hives. A hive may contain anywhere from 8,000 to over 50,000 bees. There is one queen bee, thousands of female worker bees and hundreds of male drone bees in a hive. Farmers are known to keep a number of beehives around their farms. There are a number of beekeepers who maintain the beehives as a hobby and to collect the honey from the hives. Tom was able to give us a live demonstration on how a honey bee gives directions to its hive when it finds a big collection area.  The bees use a series of flying around in a pattern and the speed of the flapping their wings to give directions on how to get the source of nectar. The bees then fly to the source of the nectar and remove it, using their proboscis (an elongated mouth part) and store it into their honey stomach (bees have two stomachs). While they are removing the nectar, they are also pollinating the plant. When they move onto another plant, once again pollination take place. This allows the plants to continue to grow. When the honey bee has filled its nectar sac, it returns to the hive. At the hive, the drone bees transfer their nectar to a worker bee. The worker bee adds enzymes, until it is suitable for storing in a cell of the honeycomb. At this point there is “HONEY”

The club thanks Tom for all of this wonderful information about common honey bees.  Denver Lake/Norman Rotary looks forward to hearing from Tom and his department again in the future. More information can be found at this website:

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Denver Days Music in the Park Presentation
2022 Denver Days Music in the Park Sponsorship Flyer
District Governor Ken Shull Recognizes Denver/Lake Norman Rotary's Leadership
DG Ken Shull visited this past Wednesday to recognize Denver/Lake Norman Rotary's leadership in the Foundation’s $1 Million Challenge.
With only a few more days to go, here is where the District stands:
  • District Commitments = $977,676
  • Remaining for Goal =     $  22,324
Denver/Lake Norman Rotary has committed $241,522 and currently leads the District.  One other club has the potential to take the lead and if they do, that would be great, right?
Even better though,  if there are any Denver Lake Norman Rotarians who are considering a gift, please let Rich or Celeste know - it is so easy to do.  It will make a tremendous impact in the world and it will cement and celebrate ones legacy as a Rotarian. 
Would it not be an awesome milestone to at least get to the $250,000 mark?
President Elect Perry Clark and President Nominee Andie Taylor Amongst 500 Attendees at PETS Conference at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC
Photo courtesy of Andie Taylor
Denver Days Music in the Park Board Announces Updated 2022 Concert Line-up - Sponsors Needed!
The Denver Lake Norman Rotary will host the “2022 Greatest Show on Earth in Lincoln County, North Carolina”

Yes, you heard right, starting on May 21st and running through October 8th, Music in the Park will return for 2022. Every month there will be a band playing in the Rescue Squad Park Band Shelter on a Saturday night. The really great thing about this is that it’s free.  This is the second annual Music in the Park concert event provided by The Denver/Lake Norman Rotary.

The concert events will run from 6 pm to 9:30 pm. The 6 pm to 6:30 pm slot will be for dance teams, gymnastics teams or other youth organizations from the local community. The bands will then play for the next three hours.

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