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Ellen Fichtelman
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Hello Rotarians! 
I am looking forward to tomorrow's pop up project packing Easter baskets for the foster children in Lincoln County. Examples of items for baskets include: individually wrapped candy or snacks, pencils, stickers, hair ties, small toys, and $5 gift cards to Chick-fil-a or Mcdonalds.
Mark your calendars for Sunday May 1 for our club social at LKN Brewery. More details to come.
Watha Kollmeyer speaks to Denver/Lake Norman Rotary about Knickers for New Life
By Steve Baker
The Denver Lake Norman Rotary welcomed Watha Kollmeyer, founder of Knickers for New Life, as its speaker on Wednesday, April 06, 2022.  When traveling in Western Uganda in East Africa, Watha noticed that there were some serious health needs for the girls in Western Uganda's schools. After hosting a fundraiser for one of the schools, other schools requested help as well. In 2016 Watha founded the Kickers for New Life where she continues to serve as its director. Knickers for New Life is now an official non-profit ministry partner with Helps Ministries.

Knickers for New Life's mission is to raise awareness in the US of the barriers Ugandan girls face to health, education, and economic opportunity, and to work toward removal of those barriers.

Many of the girls in Uganda have no access to sanitary pads and basic reproductive health information. They can miss up to six weeks of school a year, getting behind in their schoolwork and often just dropping out of school.  This limits their economic opportunities and increases the risks of HIV infections, unplanned pregnancies, and early marriages.  Educating girls is regarded as one of the best ways to improve a country's economy. In Uganda, less than 38% of the girls complete primary school. This is where KFNL (Knickers for New Life) helps by providing health education, knickers (underwear) and MakaPads through the partnerships they have with the schools.  What started with a single school khas now turned into six schools receiving help.  The funds raised by NFNL are also used to provide latrines for the schools.  There are separate latrines and hand washing stations for the girls and the boys. With the help of a soap maker in Asheville, NC, a special soap was developed that repels mosquitoes.  This soap has been very beneficial in stopping the spread of malaria, which is the deadliest disease faced by the Uganda people.   

KFLN has a Circle of Health & Hygiene:

Knickers – for girls to provide dignity and decrease vulnerability

Makapads - biodegradable organic sanitary pads made in Uganda from locally grown papyrus, allows girls to stay in school and creates jobs providing dignity to work 

Latrines – provide privacy and security for girls and keeps them in school, supported my regular cleaning with bleach for fighting typhoid and maintenance.

KFNL Health & Hygiene Curriculum – basic education on puberty, menstrual hygiene management and proper handwashing taught at all KFNL partner schools.

Tippy Tap Hand Washing Stations – Truly sanitary way to wash hands, using less water

Mosquito Repellent Soap – Organic, made in Uganda. Creats jobs and fights malaria (#1 killer in Uganda)

A few facts about Uganda: more than 50% of the population is under 15 years old, fewer than 38% of girls entering primary school will complete their education and HIV infections are 9 times higher in girls than boys of the same age.

To learn more about the Knickers For New Life go to  Donations can be made on the website.

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Kids in Foster Care Day at the Lake
May 21, 2022
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May 21, 2022 6:00 PM
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Apr 13, 2022
Pop-up Project: Assembling Easter Baskets
Apr 27, 2022
Pop-up Project: Assembling Birthing Kits
May 11, 2022
Child Health Safety
May 18, 2022
May 25, 2022
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Denver Days Music in the Park Presentation
2022 Denver Days Music in the Park Sponsorship Flyer
Supporting Social and Emotional Development of Young People in Foster Care With Easter Baskets
Under 26 TAC Section 748.701, “normalcy” is defined as the ability of a child in care to live as normal a life as possible, including engaging in childhood activities that are suitable for children of the same age, level of maturity and developmental level as determined by a reasonable and prudent parent standard.
Thank you Denver Lake Norman Rotarians for your support in providing access to a range of experiences for children while they are in foster care. These are the same important experiences that any typical child of the same age would have cherished memories of.  Research provides us with evidence that experiences, activities and play help them build relationships, develop skills, and prepare for adulthood. 
Examples of Items for baskets:
Individually wrapped candy/snacks
Hair ties
Small toys
$5.00 gift cards to Chick-fil-a or McDonald's
Here is all You Need to Know About Denver/Lake Norman Rotary's Birthing Kit Pop-up Project
The Denver/Lake Norman Rotary will be packing birthing kits at its meeting on April 27th. The Birthing Kit Supply List below contains a description of each birthing kit supply product as well as a hyperlink to the product on Amazon. The Amazon hyperlinks are provided simply for ease and convenience’s sake and to give more information about the supplies. The supplies can be purchased from any other store or collected from donations.

For those who have asked about making a donation you can make checks payable to the Denver/Lake Norman Rotary Foundation. Notate "Birthing Kits" in the memo line. 

Birthing Kit Checklist Supplies

_____ One bar of soap

_____ One pair of plastic gloves

_____ Five squares of gauze

_____ One 6" disposable #10 scalpel

_____ Three pieces soft cotton string

_____ One plastic sheet

_____ One gallon Ziplock freezer bag

_____ One flannel receiving blanket

_____ One under pad

Click on "Read More" for a description of each birthing kit supply product as well as a hyperlink to the product on Amazon.

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